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given up on the radio
A pop rock anthem for the stars of yesteryear [Web exclusive free download single]

pull the tail
A foray into elevator music for the new reptiles. Trumpets! [Unreleased track from an upcoming album]

big cop theme
Epic television crime drama at its hard-rocking best. [From the "Welcome Diaper Part" CD/LP]

Doing everything it takes to remain a bon vivant. [From the "Welcome Diaper Part" CD/LP]

Lacking higher function, living in the R-complex proves to be daunting. [From the "Welcome Diaper Part" CD/LP]

the barber comes to me at night in the transfigural guise of a fleshy winged sheep in a black cloack
Spaz dreamer. [From the "Welcome Diaper Part" CD/LP]

take yourself
Just rock. [From the Erasergun/Mallemuck split LP]

fink the percolator
Florida panhandle murder spree in technicolor. [From the Erasergun/Mallemuck split LP]

sean's li'l puppet
A private fetish uncovered and exploited. [From the "Earlily" CD-R]

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