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Mallemuck: Given Up On The Radio
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'Given Up On The Radio' • FREE SINGLE

WEB EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD — In this rescource-poor home recording from Phnom Penh, Ken Stockwell takes a hard and sweet strike at the pop rock anthem, making do with very little to create a rollicking big hit song about hit songs. Toin iddup.

Mallemuck: Welcome Diaper Part
CD $11.00
LP $9.00
iTunes $9.99
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'Welcome Diaper Part' • CD/LP
  Download "Big Cop Theme" (5.1 MB MP3)
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A little pinprick of acid burning through your eyelids reveals the best loud, over-the-top music since the late '80s, twisted just right for your listening pleasure. Ken Stockwell does it all on guitars, bass, vocals, trumpet, percussion and more — but at most times you'll swear this is a live band. With drummers from Erasergun and Din Triptych. A glorious, seedy mindfuck to confuse and delight.

"The 'execution' of 'inspiration' seems to pose a problem to many acts, but Mallemuck has discovered a secret way to make them both out-pace each other. Any way you look at this, it keeps getting bigger." —Snipehunt

Erasergun/Mallemuck: Split LP
LP $8.00

Erasergun/Mallemuck • Split LP
  Download "Fink The Percolator" (4.3 MB MP3)
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The album that started it all. Two great bands for one cheap price. This record-time recording ranges from superb slop to overthunk plump. Ken Mallemuck Stockwell tears through pop music with chainsaw guitars leaving you sweetly panting. Erasergun begins their legacy with their first leans and lurches into the darker side of black and blue notes. Hand-silkscreened cover featuring Silly Bird's full logo by F. Crites.

"This split LP of two very divergent Northern California bands is certainly an odd pairing. Regardless of whether this coupling is a statement or an accident, each side is a solid effort in its own genre. Flamboyant, bizarre." —CMJ

Mallemuck: Earlily CD-R

'Earlily' • CD-R
  Download "Sean's Li'l Puppet" (2.5 MB MP3)
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Varied-fidelity recording of Mr. Mallemuck's early years. Wide-ranging forms and styles covering the track from development to delerium, you'll find everything from homemade drums and electronic experimentation to high-qual-pop and half-serious rock. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Mallemuck takes off on a personal journey of learning to conquer the elements aided by the muses of record collection fanatacism, puppet masturbation, abusive welders, and teenage suicide pacts.

"Oddball." —Maximum Rock and Roll

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