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Squinchy: A Young Person's Guide to Squinchy
CD-R $6.00

Squinchy • 'A Young Person's Guide to Squinchy' • CD-R
  Download "Circumvent Yr Rear" (1.2MB MP3)

Music therapy gone awry. What the Langley School Project is to Canadian Junior High School children, "A Young Person's Guide to Squinchy" is to cheap, greasy crooks desperate to portray the barest semblance of rehabilitation. Squinchy, a three-time loser, caught the four-track bug in prison and assembled a ragtag group of half-fits to play his compositions. He caught it all on his Tascam between 1992 and 2001 and it is assembled into that which you are about to buy. Weird and strangely poignant.

Squinchy: Strictly for the Dofos

Squinchy • 'Strictly for the Dofos' • CD-R
  Download "Bad Riddance to Good People" (4.6MB MP3)

The man known as "Squinchy" was busted in the early '90s stealing laxatives from the local Duane Reade. After a stint in prison, he has rehabilitated himself through music, penning short and acidic new wave blasts of sound and enlisting his former prison cronies as a pick-up band, known as the Dofos. Picking up where "A Young Person's Guide to Squincy" left off, "Strictly for the Dofos" introduces burping synths, lo-fidelity loops and fuzzed-out basslines that beg the question: Is there such a thing as Kraut-Wave and if so, why?

Visit the Squinchy Web site.

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