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Silly Bird hits a new low with a big batch of homemade cookies straight from the oven. Just because they never made it to the printer doesn't mean you're looking at a pile of leftovers — many of these releases are high-quality studio fiascos with pretty graphics. Others are just plain fiascos from the apartments and practice spaces of lesser America.

While other companies may try to pass CD-Rs off to you at real CD prices, Silly Bird keeps them cheap to keep you smiling. Buy more now.

pHoaming Edison: GWEEEE!!!!!
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iTunes $9.99
Download this alubm at the iTunes store
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pHoaming Edison • 'GWEEEE!!!!!' • CD-R
  Download "Otto Tutsi Plohund" (1.9MB MP3)
  Download "Laughing at Keys" (2.4MB MP3)

Since 1994, James Kavoussi (Fly Ashtray, Uncle Wiggly) has been scraping up delirious, demented pop classics from under his NYC apartment's floorboards and ramming them through his four-track with frightening results. His fourth release under the pHoaming Edison moniker is a widely varied collection of ingenious twists and turns on familiar themes, skewed noise bits, and some damn fine rockunroll. Kavoussi is a prolific master of music that is at once exciting, beautiful, hilarious and unnerving. He makes great songs with the ease of which the rest of us might scramble an egg.

"Vibrant and intriguing music." —Splendid E-zine

Bedroom Guitars: Rapping at My Chamber Door
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Cassette $3.00

Bedroom Guitars • 'Rapping at My Chamber Door' • Cassette EP
  Download "Do You Still Fall Asleep with the Music On?" (5.5MB MP3)

Bedroom Guitars cracks open the door to unveil timeless melodies coalesced over years of quiet seclusion. Persona singularis Caroline Linder employs four-track, voice, guitar and occasional keyboards to forge a gorgeous minimalism that will be welcomed by private devotees of both Young Marble Giants and Cocteau Twins. Stripped-down, intimate compositions leave room for expansive vocals that simultaneously touch you while pushing you away. Listen to Rapping at My Chamber Door and discover a pearl in your ear.

The Elderly: Put A Clamp On It
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iTunes $5.94
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The Elderly • 'Put A Clamp On It' • CD-R EP
  Download "Rise of the Future Tech People" (6.6MB MP3)
  Download "Supernatural Guy" (5.4MB MP3)

A brief term of convalescence has its advantages. It's no wonder assisted living is rapidly succeeding lazy days on the Mediterranean as THE destination for weary glitterati. Comfortable yet stylish in orthopedic shoes, the Elderly kick out six epic comedies for beer parties. Songs range from long to very long and cover topics including buddy movies, animal husbandry, one "Supernatural Guy," and the history of technological development over two centuries. Sit quietly, pay attention, and watch those wrinkles appear! Ken Stockwell (Mallemuck) and "Rich Wells" (Wintermittens, Grndntl Brnds, Listening Station) share duties on bass and guitar, while Miles Stegall (Fuck, Monopause) hits the drums occasionally.

Autobody: Xelp
CD-R $6.00

Autobody • 'Xelp' • CD-R
  Download "Serbo-Croatian Repairman" (2.9MB MP3) | See All Autobody Releases

Recorded at the legendary Rubulad and obsessed over for an extremely long time, Xelp is the latest full-length release from NYC's most proficient and prolific rock scientists. With this follow-up to Silly Bird's Autobody debut CD, they continue their tradition of dual-drummer-fueled organizational mayhem. A natural evolution of ability and style from previous works, tunes such as "Telescopic Prong" and "Bloated and Mishappen" pose improbable questions and visions with each turn around each corner. A fast, dark drive on winding city streets in a beat-up car filled with contraband and uninvited passengers.

Autobody: Black Angus Vol. II
CD-R $6.00

Autobody • 'Black Angus Vol. II' • CD-R
  Download "Mit Schlag" (2.3MB MP3) | See All Autobody Releases

Lesser beings may consider these tracks as merely outtakes from Autobody's Xelp sessions, but one listen will open your eyes to the genius of four minds colliding. Unable to fit it all into one disc, Autobody decided to weed out the best of the dirt and shovel it out in high form. Discover for yourself the majestic and tragic turns a rock epic can take when it's treated as just another fucked-up improv or jarring sound collage. A sonic Caeser's salad for the discerning junk fiend, or just about the greatest thing you've ever heard in the last two months... you decide.

Erasergun: Germ-Free For Baby

Erasergun • 'Germ-Free For Baby' • CD-R
  Download "Hungry Night Taxi" (3.5MB MP3) | See All Erasergun Releases

The final unreleased studio album from the Bay Area's dirgiest dredgers is available for the first time on lovingly crafted CD-Recordable. The least prog of Oakland's 1990s rockers attempt, from an indeterminate point in the past, to drain the blood from your face through questionable means. Blues so white they will whiten your teeth, whiten your face... you will be SO pale. Kennedy Greenrod (Thin Man) continues his lyrical assault on the English language while new rhythms, new time signatures and new instruments grow beyond the previous recordings and are ground down to their base elements.

Fibulator: drankfromtheasphalt
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Fibulator • 'drankfromtheasphalt' • Cassette
See All Fibulator Releases

A recent dig through the Silly Bird vaults has uncovered a rare find. Archaeologists of '90s Bay Area experimental post prog punk will be ecstatic to learn that SBR has unearthed an extremely limited quantity of the very-out-of-print original cassette version of this sought-after 1993 release from Fibulator's hey day.

"Third and best release by this shimmering female vocal-driven combo. In a netherworld between Henry Cow/Art Bears and Pylon there lived this much-loved band who never got the national attention they deserved. Moody, angular, exhilarating pop from a band whose members eventually drifted into Grand National, Fuck, and Mono Pause." —Electro Motive Records catalog

Mallemuck: Earlily CD-R
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Mallemuck • 'Earlily' • CD-R
  Download "Sean's Li'l Puppet" (2.5MB MP3) | See All Mallemuck Releases

Varied-fidelity recording of Mr. Mallemuck's early years. Wide-ranging forms and styles covering the track from development to delerium, you'll find everything from homemade drums and electronic experimentation to high-qual-pop and half-serious rock. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Mallemuck takes off on a personal journey of learning to conquer the elements aided by the muses of record collection fanatacism, puppet masturbation, abusive welders, and teenage suicide pacts.

"Oddball." —Maximum Rock and Roll

Squinchy: A Young Person's Guide to Squinchy
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CD-R $6.00

Squinchy • 'A Young Person's Guide to Squinchy' • CD-R
  Download "Circumvent Yr Rear" (1.2MB MP3)

Music therapy gone awry. What the Langley School Project is to Canadian Junior High School children, "A Young Person's Guide to Squinchy" is to cheap, greasy crooks desperate to portray the barest semblance of rehabilitation. Squinchy, a three-time loser, caught the four-track bug in prison and assembled a ragtag group of half-fits to play his compositions. He caught it all on his Tascam between 1992 and 2001 and it is assembled into that which you are about to buy. Weird and strangely poignant.

Squinchy: Strictly for the Dofos
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Squinchy • 'Strictly for the Dofos' • CD-R
  Download "Bad Riddance to Good People" (4.6MB MP3)

The man known as "Squinchy" was busted in the early '90s stealing laxatives from the local Duane Reade. After a stint in prison, he has rehabilitated himself through music, penning short and acidic new wave blasts of sound and enlisting his former prison cronies as a pick-up band, known as the Dofos. Picking up where "A Young Person's Guide to Squincy" left off, "Strictly for the Dofos" introduces burping synths, lo-fidelity loops and fuzzed-out basslines that beg the question: Is there such a thing as Kraut-Wave and if so, why?

Various Artists: Real Bad Gas
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Various Artists • 'Real Bad Gas' (SBR Music Sampler) • CD-R

A gift to yourself for your next party or a test drive for future purchases, this compilation will impress your friends as you get to know Silly Bird — and it will simply amaze you. The finest "scorching" tracks from the Silly Bird catalog of CDs and LPs from Autobody, Din Triptych, Erasergun, Fibulator, Irving Klaw Trio, Little My, Mallemuck, Rrope, and The Softs. It'll leave you shouting, "Flatulentastic!"

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