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  The Softs

The Softs: 1901
CD $11.00
iTunes $9.90
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The Softs • '1901' • CD
  Download "Snake Bites Charmer" (1.9MB MP3)

The first full-length release from Austin, TX darlings featuring past participants in Country Teasers, Palace Brothers, Rodan, and The For Carnation. "1901" rewinds the historical record against a contradictory soundtrack of murky guitar smashups and organ-drenched lyricism.

"This band deftly engineers its way around the creaky and worn path of the lost '90s blues, using spiky guitars and smart drums to get its needle-tipped point across." —Your Flesh Quarterly

"This Austin quintet quickly distinguished itself in town by virtue of not sounding like anybody else. The Softs put scratchy guitars, rough vocals, and imaginative, accessible songs to work presenting portraits of their own corner of the world, where dust bunnies will move aside to let you look." —Pop Culture Press

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