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Rrope: Mahagonny
CD $8.00
iTunes $6.93
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Rrope • 'Mahagonny' • CD EP
  Download "Stop It" (3.1MB MP3)

The perfect combination of tension and melody on this 7-song disc. Guitars buzz, drone, squeal, and ring like bells while lonesome-cowboy vocals float on top (or out back somewhere). Caterwauling drums (by Mike Gendreau of Crawling With Tarts) and loping, skewed bass riffs recklessly drive the whole thing forward. An overwhelming sense of haunting beauty, melancholy, and unease.

"Rrope has an ambitiously broad sense of its sound: one song is full of guitar feedback and wail, the next is a quiet, quirky little piece full of odd sounds and clever lyrics. Little snippets and noises slip by and melodies twist and contort themselves, taking smart hairpin turns, dips and ascents, forcing an active listen to this demon." —CMJ

Rope: We Are You There

>> 'We Are You There' From Deathbom Arc

Silly Bird's good friend, Deathbomb Arc, has released "We Are You There," a 3xLP retrospective of the band's work. Also available as a digital download.

>> More Praise for Rrope

"If you locked Kramer, Brian Eno, and Sonic Youth in a room for a few weeks, they might come up with something like this, but they'd probably be a bit peeved." —San Francisco Weekly

"A chainsaw? A can strung with wires? Bees? Hey, does anybody mind if I play this Rrrope CD again?" —Out of Bounds

"Rrope is about as good a reason as any, and a better reason than most, to risk some sort of debilitating hearing loss. And if you're unwilling to make that sacrifice, then Rrope is probably too big to fit in your ears anyway." —San Francisco Bay Guardian

"It's one of those Greg Freeman co-produced sonic tour-de-forces that does things with guitars, drums, voices and found sounds that make me shiver." —Junk Magnet

"Maybe this was the soundtrack to Dali's life. Maybe this will teach you something about yourself. Scary. Get it!" —Rational Inquirer

"The tracks ... strain the definition of divergent. Occasionally it sounds like a clock ticking near a whale-napping zone; other songs are thrash monsters in heat or rocking and racingly knife-near-your-back desperate. ...Spacey, funky, fast, slow, elevating and entrancing." —Magnet

"Varieta e movimento caratterrizano i primi tre brani che sono instabili, dissonanti e tribali." —Rockstar, Italian edition

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