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Fibulator: unhammerlike
CD $11.00
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Fibulator • 'unhammerlike' • CD
  Download "r nat'l pks" (2.7MB MP3)

The final album from one of the Bay Area's great innovators of the 1990s. This one builds on previous recordings with more live-to-tape recording and improvisational tidbits, all the while maintaining the unnerving guitar and bass figures, horn noodles and vocal gymnastics that always seem to make reviewers say "art pop." Whatever you choose to call it, they're just fucking great.

"It's physical, as if a wrecking ball were fired at your diaphragm. Thus, a kind of mutual catharsis is born for both band and fan alike via the best form of group therapy: Great Music." —BAM

Fibulator: drankfromtheasphalt

Fibulator • 'drankfromtheasphalt' • Cassette

A recent dig through the Silly Bird vaults has uncovered a rare find. Archaeologists of '90s Bay Area experimental post prog punk will be ecstatic to learn that SBR has unearthed an extremely limited quantity of the very-out-of-print original cassette version of this sought-after 1993 release from Fibulator's hey day.

"Third and best release by this shimmering female vocal-driven combo. In a netherworld between Henry Cow/Art Bears and Pylon there lived this much-loved band who never got the national attention they deserved. Moody, angular, exhilarating pop from a band whose members eventually drifted into Grand National, Fuck, and Mono Pause." —Electro Motive Records catalog

You can find other Fibulator releases at Electro Motive Records.

>> More Praise for Fibulator

"With the possible exception of Thinking Fellers, Fibulator is probably the most visionary rock band in the Bay Area. The first CD by this West Oakland sextet is actually their fourth release, and while perhaps not as accessible as 1993's Drank From the Asphalt, the new CD captures the group's improvisational live feel better than previous vinyl releases.

"Vocalists Kris Langan and Sara Arvey are in top form here. They share duties fairly evenly, combining little hints of operatic technique, snatches of furious screeching, and everything in between — at times overlapping two simultaneous lead vocal parts. Following the lyrics as they weave through the music is a challenge that's rewarded with some pretty unusual stuff: 'Sand becomes a basketball-size eyeglass / Petals over like an open screw.' Even when the words take a more personal tone, as in 'Angelina' and 'Curative,' you never know quite what they mean.

"The music's playful complexity is sometimes reminiscent of Trout Mask Replica-era Captain Beefheart. These guys can rock in 6/8 like no one else, and 'r nat'l pks' shows off their signature sound nicely. The bass, drums, and guitar are augmented with saxophones, clarinets, broken violins, animal sounds, and other found objects. The songs proper are interpolated with snippets of improvisation that get pretty weird, but this is one rock band truly capable of sounding like themselves when they're improvising, and of coming up with something that stands up to repeated listening.

"The thing about Fibulator is, you can't absorb it all at once. You need to dig, and the deeper you dig, the more you'll find." —San Francisco Bay Guardian

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