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Erasergun: For What We Are About To Receive
CD $11.00
LP $9.00
iTunes $9.90
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Erasergun • 'For What We Are About To Receive' • CD/LP
  Download "Acid House" (4.2MB MP3)

The first full-length album from Bay Area cult favorites has become an SBR classic and easily one of the most-requested releases in the catalog. Precise agitation and unbridled chaos mount from the first notes to take you schlepping through the backwaters of rock. Stubborn bass lines, brash guitar squawkage, catastrophic drumming and impertinent singing about insects and fear, all combined into a single calming salve for your wounds (yeah, right). Not to be experienced without a reaction.

"They don't sound like anybody and that is impressive in this day and age. Just like those old episodes of the Twilight Zone where the neon signs flash on and off and the guy is slowly losing his mind." —Snackcake

Erasergun: Germ-Free For Baby

Erasergun • 'Germ-Free For Baby' • CD-R
  Download "Hungry Night Taxi" (3.5MB MP3)

The final unreleased studio album from the Bay Area's dirgiest dredgers is available for the first time on lovingly crafted CD-Recordable. The least prog of Oakland's 1990s rockers attempt, from an indeterminate point in the past, to drain the blood from your face through questionable means. Blues so white they will whiten your teeth, whiten your face... you will be SO pale. Kennedy Greenrod (Thin Man) continues his lyrical assault on the English language while new rhythms, new time signatures and new instruments grow beyond the previous recordings and are ground down to their base elements.

Erasergun/Mallemuck: Split LP
LP $8.00

Erasergun/Mallemuck • Split LP
  Download "Go Fat Parasite Go!" (3MB MP3)

The album that started it all. Two great bands for one cheap price. This record-time recording ranges from superb slop to overthunk plump. Ken Mallemuck Stockwell tears through pop music with chainsaw guitars leaving you sweetly panting. Erasergun begins their legacy with their first leans and lurches into the darker side of black and blue notes. Hand-silkscreened cover featuring Silly Bird's full logo by F. Crites.

"This split LP of two very divergent Northern California bands is certainly an odd pairing. Regardless of whether this coupling is a statement or an accident, each side is a solid effort in its own genre. Flamboyant, bizarre." —CMJ

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