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  Din Triptych

Din Triptych: To and From Concentrate
LP $8.00

Din Triptych • 'To And From Concentrate' • LP
  Download a 4-min. clip from "The Ripper" (3.5MB MP3)

The debut LP from Oakland's undisputed bantamweight champions. Din Triptych skirts around time signatures and tempos like they were hungry crocodiles. Six epics (each clocking in at exactly 7 minutes and 6 seconds) about high school cheers, Mazda commercials, and stalkers are somehow serious and beautiful without actually providing reasons for either reaction. Confusing, to say the least.

"Three salamanders with wrist braces rewrite chaos theory as we know it. Are you on the cutting edge of physics or not, asshole?" —Seymour Glass

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"Din Triptych thrives on disruption like a hog on truffles. To and From Concentrate is a dissonant barrage of guitars jangling on the backbeat, arrhythmic bass lines loping and clambering through myriad time signatures, and drums switching meters at the drop of a high hat.

"The album's six tracks — each one clocking in at exactly seven minutes and six seconds — are exercises in endless displacement; instruments join for an instant, then scamper in divergent directions, dropping in at one beat and out the next. Vocals add to the din with syncopated cantos of blank verse: 'Disorder at all scales / An addition of competing rhythms / Upholding an order comprised / Entirely of incompatible systems.' The total effect is one of syncopated cacophony, like a jazzy, improvisational version of Sonic Youth.

"Din Triptych sums it up nicely in 'Roil': 'Will it ever reach a steady state? / Chaotic, though it tends to bifurcate.'" —San Francisco Bay Guardian

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