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Autobody CD
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Digital $5.00
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Autobody • CD
  Download "Costa Rica" (2.2MB MP3)

The illegitimate grandchildren of Beefheart's magic band and TFUL 282 transplanted to New York for their daily dosage of weird smells, angst, and mayhem. Tailspin turns, blasts of distorted animal sounds, mad rumbling, and drunken elephantine rhythms all combine to make your kneecaps burp. Featuring current/former members of Drumhead, Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Fly Ashtray, Dymaxion, Caroliner and Cattle Prod.

"Autobody wheeze out instrumental lurk-passages that are lit only by damp phosphorescent rags. There are some parts with identifiable 'rock' signifiers, but they're soon covered with talcy mud and whisked away, making this an extremely pleasant diversion." —The Wire

Autobody: Xelp

Autobody • 'Xelp'
  Download "Serbo-Croatian Repairman" (2.9MB MP3)

Recorded at the legendary Rubulad and obsessed over for an extremely long time, Xelp is the latest full-length release from NYC's most proficient and prolific rock scientists. With this follow-up to Silly Bird's Autobody debut CD, they continue their tradition of dual-drummer-fueled organizational mayhem. A natural evolution of ability and style from previous works, tunes such as "Telescopic Prong" and "Bloated and Mishappen" pose improbable questions and visions with each turn around each corner. A fast, dark drive on winding city streets in a beat-up car filled with contraband and uninvited passengers.

Autobody: Black Angus Vol. II

Autobody • 'Black Angus Vol. II' • CD-R
  Download "Mit Schlag" (2.3MB MP3)

Lesser beings may consider these tracks as merely outtakes from Autobody's Xelp sessions, but one listen will open your eyes to the genius of four minds colliding. Unable to fit it all into one disc, Autobody decided to weed out the best of the dirt and shovel it out in high form. Discover for yourself the majestic and tragic turns a rock epic can take when it's treated as just another fucked-up improv or jarring sound collage. A sonic Caeser's salad for the discerning junk fiend, or just about the greatest thing you've ever heard in the last two months... you decide.

Autobody: Your Friend

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